Historical building: Onuchin-Tveritinov- Temboza Chambers, middle of XVII - beginning XIX century.
Location: Central Moscow
Dates: 2004-2008

bld 2, 3 Kolpachny lane


"Regionservis-A" arranged scientific restoration of this XVIII historical and cultural monument to be suited for administrative purposes.

Historical restoration is always a complex and unique work of a team of qualified professionals, architects, and contractors. Our experience in restoration made it possible to reconstruct the crucial elements of the building.


The company carried out the following works:

arranged engineering and validation;

organised relevant draft project and project of restoration;

carried out check and prepared initial permits;

organised engineering, geological, geodetic, and environmental surveys;

determined the state of engineering networks, bearing constructions and the foundations;

organised to receive technical terms, permission to carry out restoration, building and assembling works, and other necessary works;

carried out technical supervision of works;

organised the work of other relevant specialists;

coordinated the work of design engineers, subcontractors, inspectors of the Committee for Cultural Heritage (Moscow);

organised internal works;

carried out quality check and the volume of work as well as executive-technical documentation;

organised the meeting of committee for Cultural Heritage of Moscow, prepared and presented relevant documentation;

commissioned the building; AND

drafted a report on the results of the restoration.



In November 2010, the materials of this comprehensive scientific restoration of objects participated
in the prestigious exhibition and conference in Leipzig.