Residential House
Location: Central Moscow
Dates: 2006 -2011

bld 2, 5/6 Middle Kislovsky lane

"Regionservis-A" carried out a reconstruction of this residential house with addition of two new stories. The goal was to carefully restore the old building parts of which were built in different times. The house is surrounded on both sides by other residential houses. Additional stories were added in line with a unique project. Reconstruction of residential houses is an example of successful work of modern architects in the historic environment

The company carried out the following works:

arranged engineering and validation;

arranged relevant project documentation for the Moscow State Expertise;

verified and arranged initial permits;

identified restrictions for city planning, sanitation, and safety, as well as engineering and infrastructure restrictions, and encumbrances for the land;

organised engineering, geological, geodetic and environmental surveys;

checked the state of engineering networks and looked into a possibility of connecting to city networks with necessary load;

arranged to obtain specifications, building permits, permits for construction, and associated works;

arranged contractors and reconstruction work subcontractors;

carried out technical supervision of work, quality control, the volume of work performed, and qualifications of primary and technical documentation;

organised committee for State Construction Supervision of Moscow, prepared and presented relevant documentation; AND

commissioned the building.